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Get Real @ Work

Connected Conversations | Authenticity | High Performance

In just one week, you will unlock your Best Self at Work as you overcome limiting beliefs and blind spots to confidently step into your most important professional role: Exceptional manager and people leader

Happy Coworkers

Does this sound like you @ work today?

  • Stuck in back-to-back meetings all day, every day?
  • Priorities and requirements shifting so fast you are constantly REACTING to change?
  • Dreading and avoiding difficult conversations?
  • Not delegating to your team because you need to figure things out for yourself before you can provide enough clarity, at which point it’s probably faster to do it yourself?
  • Struggling with imposter syndrome, perfectionism or past negative experiences in the workplace?

If you resonate with those statements, you are SO READY to:

Be Authentic

Tap into the unique leadership strengths you already possess to lead and manage from a place of greater authenticity.

Align & Inspire

Align your personal values with the work you do, to inspire yourself and others toward achieving meaningful business outcomes.

Resolve Conflict

Overcome disagreements and interpersonal conflict with ease and calm.

Empower Others

Empower your team to achieve their fullest potential and do great work together!  

The modern workplace has a critical need for managers and leaders like YOU!  The new work culture is being created today. I am inviting you to become an exceptional leader of the evolved work environment we need to build a happy and productive tomorrow. I am ELATED to introduce you to the course that is designed to transform the way you work, literally.

May I present to you…

Get Real @ Work

This course is unlike any corporate training you’ve done before. It includes tangible tools, conceptual frameworks, daily practices and community support.

  • You will practice techniques across a range of real-life scenarios with a concrete, practical approach
  • You will interact with a community, allowing for a sense of connection and shared experiences
  • You will create your vision for yourself as an Exceptional Leader!

Upon registering, you’ll gain access to the information you need to begin your journey to greater fulfilment as a truly authentic leader! You’ll receive printable worksheets, powerful resources and checklists, and join community discussions to accelerate your path to success.

What's in the Course?

This game-changing course is delivered in 3 one-hour sessions over a single week to get you started on the path to becoming an exceptional people leader.

Authentic collaboration

Session 1: The secrets of successful people leaders

We’ll explore what makes some managers and leaders so successful, and what they do to build thriving workplaces and engaged, highly motivated teams.  We will explore your unique strengths and how you can use them to your advantage and start thriving at work.

Exceptional Leadership

Session 2:  Practical techniques to level up as an authentic leader

Learn how to work with your leadership gifts to foster trust, accountability and shared purpose with your team.  This session focuses on integrating techniques and best practices used by exceptional leaders to expand your toolkit.


Session 3: Overcoming speedbumps on the road to success

As you start to show up differently, you may experience resistance — from others, and even from yourself. While that’s normal, it’s not always comfortable. Learn how to surface and handle challenges, while continuing to move forward as your best self at work.

Over 20 years of expertise as a leader in project management and employee training and engagement programs

“Barri has a unique and powerful skillset and she excels in all these areas – part project management, part learning and development specialist, fully-skilled Strategist and even Instructional design and change management expertise. Above all else, Barri is a confident leader who can gather needs from any level of the business, create relevant and contextual solutions for those needs, execute and make it happen, and then measure impact and ROI.”

Emily Chung, Learning and Development Leader, TEK Systems

Get Real @Work is yours for good!

All members will receive lifetime access to these lessons, so that you can tap this resource to strengthen your foundation for exceptional leadership.


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