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Workplace recognition motivates, provides a sense of accomplishment and makes employees feel valued for their work. Recognition not only boosts individual employee engagement, but it also has been found to increase productivity and loyalty to the company, leading to higher retention.

Gallup, Jun 28, 2016

Thank you!

We hope you get a lot of use and value from this free e-book “Inspired Acknowledgement: Small Acts with Big Impact”. It’s full of ideas, scripts and templates to help you notice and acknowledge others naturally. These are things we do everyday at The Eureka Project.

These tips are so simple to implement, and create immediate impact and incredible improvements in team morale, trust and engagement. When you acknowledge another person for something they have said or done that has impacted you positively, you are giving them something we all crave: the validation of being seen for who you are. The confirmation that your effort matters. I See You.

Thank you for taking the time to think about how you can be a better people-leader. It seems almost silly that something as simple as noticing something good that another person is doing and remarking on it has such a huge impact. It does.

Your team will remember your words long after you’ve forgotten them. Be the exceptional leader you know you can be and make acknowledgement your super power!

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