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Collaboration with Coworkers and Teams
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Course Description

This ultimate course puts your authentic leadership style through the paces of workplace realities. You’ve started to show up as an extraordinary leader, and you are ready to practice and refine your approach.  Learn to lead in times of stress (always!), and handle volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity with greater ease and resiliency.  Use intentionality and commitment to shared purpose to drive better decision-making and connection.

Key Concepts

  • Develop a framework for strategic thinking that aligns and prioritizes your team’s effort to achieve optimal value
  • Build team agility in order to better predict and respond to change (vs reacting); Reduce re-work and “fire drills” while improving change resiliency
  • Be the COACH your team needs to succeed; build feedback and acknowledgement into every interaction
  • Test your authentic style under stress, and build inner confidence to handle any situation at work
  • Use our Real Work In Action simulations to practice, get feedback and coaching, and gain confidence to show up as the extraordinary leader you TRULY are
  • Address disagreement and conflict with ease 
  • Foster greater trust, accountability and shared purpose with your direct and cross-functional teams
  • Accelerate the extraordinary results that come when everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction!