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How will The Eureka Project make your life better?

How will The Eureka Project make my life better? HARSH REALITY: Today’s workplaces are broken. It’s no secret that most of us are disillusioned. We were told our entire lives that we needed to get an education, get good grades, get a good job, and we’d live happily ever after. So, how’s that working out…

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Aren’t you tired of waiting for work to get better?

When do we hit the tipping point that makes toxic workplaces obsolete? For a while, it has felt like toxic cultures and toxic leadership would never improve. Until now. In the last few years, I’ve been starting to feel a shift. People all over the globe are saying, “I won’t work like this anymore”. “I deserve better.” Workers…

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Working from Home

How the Pandemic is Changing the Way We Work

Before the time of Covid, workers were hard-pressed to get work-from-home solutions approved by their employers. How times have changed! Now, quite the reverse is true. Employers now have difficulty in many cases justifying why employees who have been working successfully from home should have to re-enter the conventional workplace. In fact, many employers are…

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Happy Coworkers

Leadership Stress

No matter how well we think we are doing as managers and leaders, stress brings out the worst in us. Even though I’ve taken and taught lots of training on managing conflict and communicating effectively, I still have those times where, in the heat of the moment, I react and snap. This week was one…

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healthy conflict

Healthy Conflict: Oxymoron Or Essential Skill?

I take great pride in being someone who finds the “win-win” in most conversations, whether that is at work or with my family.  But don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy and I don’t like conflict. As a manager and leader of work and home teams (I’m the Mom of the West Coast Harris team),  I…

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