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Ready to start flourishing at work? Our “applied skilling” courses are the perfect way to accelerate your path to authentic success!

For Organizations

  • You are an owner, executive and leader that knows that the old leadership paradigms aren’t working.  You struggle with retention, recruiting, diversity, and growing talent from within.  You’ve read enough leadership books to know that meaningful change is possible, but not simple or easy to achieve.  You’re looking for a partner that will work closely with you to evolve HOW you work and help you to prioritize WHAT you do every day to achieve your organization’s true purpose.

The Eureka Project partners with you to:

  •  Establish a shared sense of purpose to achieve a 4P vision of success (Purpose, People, Profits/Prosperity, Planet), supported by meaningful metrics.
  • Implement proven business decision-making and governance practices to build capacity, alignment and critical thinking across the organization.
  • Co-create flourishing workplaces using the ABC’s of HumanFirst Leadership (awareness, belonging, communication)

For Individuals

Don’t wait for your current organization to decide to invest in leadership training (few do) or determine when you are ready to build your leadership skills.  One of the biggest issues in leadership is that the skills that got us promoted are NOT the ones that we need to be effective leaders, let alone to flourish personally and professionally.

Our coaching programs incorporate the ABC’s of HumanFirst leadership, so that you learn, practice & apply the best practices of highly successful leaders.  You’ll gain immediate experience applying new skills in real-world simulations.  Get feedback and continually refine your authentic leadership style — so that you respond confidently on-the-job.

Courses are typically eligible for corporate reimbursement. Contact us for more details.

Get started:

From Power to Trust: Evolve your leadership

The ABC’s of Trust-based leadership:

Leading from the Middle

Coming Fall 2023:  Exceptional Leadership in Everyday Situations

HumanFirst Leadership Academy