Trust. Aligned Accountability. Purpose.

Do you long to flourish at work?

It’s no secret – many of us are leaving our toxic managers and workplaces in droves (or dreaming of the day we can!).  We know that we deserve more for what we invest of ourselves in our work.  

Do you long to be valued and acknowledged for who you really are and what you have to offer? To pursue meaningful and impactful work?  To achieve success beyond mere profit.  

I do!  I want to FLOURISH!  I DESERVE to flourish!

Flourishing workplaces are created by exceptional leaders JUST LIKE YOU.  You don’t need a flashy title or hierarchical authority, and by joining The Eureka Project you won’t be on your own to figure it out through trial and error.   Learn the ABC’s of HumanFirst leadership so that YOU and your team flourish and create extraordinary results!


Exceptional leaders

The Eureka Project is for YOU!  Our courses, programs and inspired network of exceptional leaders support you to:

  • Unlock your unique super powers as you develop your authentic and effective management practices
  • Build high-functioning, empowered and accountable teams by bringing out the best in yourself and others
  • Handle uncomfortable conversations and situations with ease and calm
  • Find the time to be more proactive and strategic, while also reducing the amount of time you spend in meetings
  • Develop the skills and traits that the research shows are essential for your success as an extraordinary leader!

“TAAP In” to our proven approach to achieve the 3 most important ingredients of highly successful leaders and organizations:

Trust. Aligned Accountability. Purpose.

Why TAAP in?

Companies with healthy and thriving workplace cultures significantly outperform, and report lower absenteeism, reduced turnover, higher engagement and greater job satisfaction. 

This doesn’t happen by chance, it takes exceptional people leaders like YOU to build better workplaces and transform the way we work for the better.

The Eureka Project teaches you the lessons we’ve learned from people leaders with decades of experience as well as the best practices and key techniques identified by industry research. 

Our courses and programs are designed to give you much more than theory. 

Exceptional leaders know that HOW you do it is even more important than knowing WHAT to do, so we equip you with opportunities to practice and integrate new approaches, so that you feel fully prepared to step forward with confidence at work.

Refine your management skills with us first, so you excel in the workplace.

Barri Harris

Hi, I’m Barri Harris and Barri Harris
I’m the founder of The Eureka Project.
As a former CFO, business leader, and workforce transformation expert, I’ve spent several decades guiding organizations to re-think the way people work.  Along the way, I noticed that for far too long, we’ve accepted a lot of bad behavior from people-leaders, and rewarded the wrong measures of success.  It inspired me to research & apply leadership best practices, neuropsychology, change management and human behavior to figure out shift organizations (and leaders) from toxic to flourishing.

My MISSION is to share the best practices and lessons learned from my work with public and private sector clients across industries such as high tech, health care, entertainment and transportation in order to accelerate your path to become an extraordinary people leader. The modern workplace is evolving, and it’s time for each of us to start flourishing!

find your passion and purpose

Inspire and engage your team, and step into the lead!


From Power to Trust

In this 90-min. masterclass: Overcome obstacles that keep you from being your authentic best self as a manager. TAAP into the strengths that make you EXCEPTIONAL!

Effective Leadership

Lead from the Middle

Easefully manage competition, conflict and negativity in the workplace, balancing decision with connection. 30 days to build confidence to lead authentically no matter your title.

Connected Conversations

Project Purple Unicorn

Comprehensive 6-month training & coaching program to create transformative business and personal results. Coming Fall 2023, or create a private cohort for your leadership team!

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Discover your full leadership potential

You play a significant role in helping your workers stay employed and engaged with your organization. We can help you be that positive influence who leads, inspires and retains staff!

Be the #1 reason your people stay!
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